Lithuanian and German military personnel train in international exercise Grand Eagle 24

Source: Lithuanian Armed Forces

Personnel from the Griffin Brigade and the German Enhanced Vigilance Activity Brigade (EVA) are training at Exercise Grand Eagle 24 in the General Silvestras Žukauskas Training Area, Pabradė. They are focusing on rapid force redeployment skills, synchronized action with allies in Lithuania's territory, and terrain assessment.


The German military personnel and equipment arrived from Poland after the first phase of Grand Eagle 24 where they were practicing and assessed military mobility requirements and challenges in border-crossing. The joint training event is an integral part of NATO’s Steadfast Defender 24 which involves the total of 90 thousand military personnel from across NATO. The most active portion of Steadfast Defender-24 in Lithuania will be running in May.



200 pieces of military equipment and approx. 700 troops of the German eVA 91st Infantry Battalion deployed to Lithuania on March 7-8.  The eVA Brigade assigned to Lithuania has been on standby since 2022, the mission has been rotated to the 21st German Brigade led by Brig Gen M. Eggert since December 2023. The approx. 4000-strong Brigade is one of the rapid response units of the German Armed Forces.



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