NATO: Finland joins the Uncrewed Aerial Systems Support Partnership

Source: NATO Support nad Procurement Agency (NSPA), Defence Industry Europe

Upon the completion of Finland’s accession to NATO as the 31st member of the Alliance on 04 April 2023, the Nation requested to participate in the UAS SP as observer. Consequently, given Finland’s strong national interest in the UAS capability, the Nation decided to join the UAS SP as a full member, benefitting from the full spectrum of services available in the portfolio of the UAS SP for the Nano-Micro Project Category.


As part of the UAS SP, Finland will also take advantage of the comprehensive support solutions tailored to meet its unique national requirements. These solutions include System(s) Acquisition, Supply Support, Continued Airworthiness management, NATO Codification services, Maintenance Support, Technical Assistance, Configuration Control & Documentation management, Transportation services and Quality Assurance.


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By leveraging the expertise and industry-leading support solutions of the UAS SP, Finland will benefit from state-of-the-art support services that will ensure quick issue resolution and improved customer satisfaction.

The UAS SP keeps growing providing its customers with efficient, effective and responsive support through added-value solutions that respond to NATO and National Autonomous systems requirements.



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