OCCAR: COBRA radars in service support renewed

Source: OCCAR

On October 17th, the COunter Battery RAdar (COBRA) Programme Division achieved a significant milestone by signing a new In Service Support (ISS) contract with ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH for a duration of 3 years, covering 2023 through 2025.

ESG has been a COBRA strategic industrial partner for the COBRA Programme Division since 2012 when the first ISS contract was signed between OCCAR-EA and ESG.

Since the current COBRA ISS contract with ESG expires on 31 December 2022, a new contract for the COBRA ISS had to be set up to secure a continued and seamless support on core engineering services (obsolescence management, configuration management, technical events management, technical assistance, quality assurance, safety, etc.).

On top of these core services, and following Participating States (PS) Germany and France request, IT-SEC assessment, Safety environmental impact analysis and Occupational hazard assessment as well as annual logistic documentation updates were added to the scope of this new ISS contract.

The decision by the PS to entrust the negotiation and the management of this new ISS contract to OCCAR-EA highlights the high level of confidence in the organisation. This also underlines and reiterates the commitment of the PS in favour of a reinforced European cooperation in the fields of Security and Defence and of development towards a more united, resilient and sovereign Europe.


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