Patria joins the F-35 programme as an industrial partner

Source: Patria

Patria and Lockheed Martin have signed the first Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) for direct work within Finland´s F-35 industrial participation programme. This MoA covers the contractual framework for F-35 forward fuselage assemblies in Finland by Patria.

“This agreement between Patria and Lockheed Martin on F-35 Forward Fuselage Assembly is a significant milestone for Finland´s F-35 programme and Patria. The large-scale assembly of 400 forward fuselages will take Patria´s industrial capabilities to the next level. The initial co-operation with Lockheed Martin has worked extremely well, which has built a great basis also for the future collaboration,” says Petri Hepola, Chief Program Officer, F-35 at Patria.

The F-35’s industrial participation solution in Finland creates strong competences via security of supply and is also significant for national economy. The F-35 programme will also open Patria an access to the global F-35 supply chain.



“The F-35 will provide Finnish industry with unique capabilities that leverage 5th generation engineering and manufacturing for 211st century security needs,” says Mike Shoemaker, vice president of F-35 customer programs at Lockheed Martin. “We look forward to continuing to grow our partnership with Patria and the innovative Finnish industrial base to deliver economic value in Finland and drive affordability for the F-35 programme.”

The main industrial cooperation projects for Patria include this large-scale assembly of F-35 front fuselages in Finland also for international users and further production of structural components. In addition, Patria will establish production projects with Pratt & Whitney for the F135 engines powering the Finnish F-35s.



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