UVision USA successfully executes high-altitude mission with Hero 120

By Arie Egozi

UVision USA, the US subsidiary of the Israeli company UVision Air, has successfully completed a high-altitude mission execution of its Hero 120 loitering munition system.

With its ability to identify targets from high altitudes and perform precise strikes, the system demonstrated a successful closure of the sensor-to-shooter cycle while carrying a substantial payload of 4.5 kilograms. The upgraded Hero-120 enhances the already proven capabilities with an additional operational discriminator.

Major General (Ret.) Avi Mizrachi, CEO of UVision Air Ltd, the parent company of UVision USA, stated, “The successful execution of a mission from high altitude marks a significant milestone in the expanding capabilities portfolio of the Hero-120. This technological achievement was made possible through precise aerodynamic adjustments that enabled the Hero 120 to withstand the challenging conditions at such altitudes. This capability complements the Hero-120’s recently announced ability to launch from a helicopter, further demonstrating the absolute advantage of Hero-120.”



The Hero 120 Loitering Munition System is a mid-range anti-tank system designed to meet the demands of the modern battlefield. It delivers high-precision strikes against anti-armor, anti-material, and anti-personnel targets, including tanks, vehicles, and soft targets in urban areas. With minimal collateral damage and a range of multi-purpose warheads, the Hero 120 provides operational users with an effective engagement solution.




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