Aero Vodochody and Letecké opravovne Trenčín to cooperate on produce the L-39NG

Source: Aero Vodochody

Czech company Aero Vodochody AEROSPACE (Aero) has signed a strategic cooperation agreement to produce the L-39NG trainer aircraft with the Slovak company Letecké opravovne Trenčín (LOTN). The strategic cooperation agreement was signed by Viktor Sotona, CEO and President of Aero Vodochody, and Ľubomír Galko, CEO of Letecké opravovne Trenčín, in the presence of Jana Černochová, Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic and Jaroslav Naď, Minister of Defence of the Slovak Republic. This contract, which was signed during the SIAF 2022, covers the production of some parts of the aircraft and other operational and logistical areas.

The Slovak company LOTN, which focuses on aerospace repair and manufacturing activities, is a long-time business partner of Aero Vodochody. “The cooperation resulting from the agreement includes the transfer of production of certain parts of the L-39NG aircraft to Slovakia, including the provision of additional services. This would make LOTN one of the most important suppliers of our new trainer aircraft,” says Viktor Sotona, CEO and President of Aero.

In the case of the use of L-39NG aircraft by the Slovak Air Force, the cooperation will extend to the logistical support of these trainer jets in Slovakia or provision of a ground training system, provision of services related to the operation of the aircraft, or involvement in other development projects.

The L-39NG trainer jet aircraft, which uses contemporary production technologies and equipment, can fulfil the role of an effective and comprehensive solution for the training of pilots of modern air forces. The main advantages of the Czech aircraft include a highly reliable engine, low operating costs, and excellent range in its class. “For training F16 pilots and performing various training and tactical tasks, our aircraft would be an efficient and suitable solution,” adds Viktor Sotona.

The new Czech L-39NG aircraft has also recently received type certification without restrictions. This means that it can be sold worldwide and is compatible with all requirements within the European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.


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