Aselsan delivers first upgraded M60T tanks to Turkish Land Forces

By Defence Industry Europe

On February 10, leading Turkish defence company Aselsan handed over the first two modernized M60T main battle tanks to the Turkish Land Forces.


This delivery is part of a broader initiative to enhance the operational effectiveness and survivability of these tanks in contemporary combat scenarios.

The M60T tanks, now upgraded with state-of-the-art technology, have been transformed into what Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün, President of the Turkish Defence Industry Agency, described as “large walking computers.” These enhancements include advanced sensors and systems aimed at increasing the tanks’ battlefield awareness and engagement accuracy.


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General Selçuk Bayraktaroğlu, Commander of the Turkish Land Forces, emphasized the tank’s critical role in land operations due to its firepower, speed, and armor. He lauded the modernization efforts for enabling the forces to detect enemies sooner, engage with greater precision, and strike from longer distances, thereby significantly enhancing their combat power.

Ahmet Akyol, President & CEO of ASELSAN, highlighted the company’s global ambition and expertise in tank modernization, referencing successful projects such as the Leopard tanks for the Chilean army and the T-72 tanks. ASELSAN’s in-house production capabilities for all tank systems have been demonstrated through various projects, including the Turkish Main Battle Tank Project (ALTAY).



The M60T modernization, part of the FIRAT-M60T Project, focuses on improving the tanks’ firepower, protection, and communication systems. Among the notable upgrades is the localization of the Fire Control System, which diminishes reliance on external sources for critical electronic systems.

The addition of the VOLKAN-M Fire Control System and enhanced communication systems are among the many improvements aimed at bolstering the tanks’ defensive capabilities.



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