Collins Aerospace introduces Arcus training image generator

Source: Collins Aerospace (RTX)

Collins Aerospace announced it is releasing Arcus, a new image generator that combines Collins' advanced rendering and processing tools with gaming technology to deliver immersive, modular aircrew training.


Designed with a flexible, open systems architecture, Arcus™ image generator offers realistic, complex synthetic training environments for multiple platforms including fast jet, air transport, mission, rotary wing and commercial aircraft. Collins’ new image generator is developed in partnership with gaming engine developer Epic Games’ Unreal Engine technology.




“Effective simulation training requires high-fidelity visual realism, and customers also need these technologies to seamlessly adapt to their varied training needs and devices,” said Sharon Tabori, senior director and general manager of Simulation and Training Solutions for Collins Aerospace. “Our new hybrid image generator brings improved graphic capabilities to offer flight simulation experiences that are as efficient as they are realistic.”


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Through its common PC hardware and software applications, Arcus™ supports a variety of simulated flight devices including full-flight simulators, flight training devices and headset virtual reality VR and mixed reality MR systems, reducing cost and increasing opportunities for focused training using the same technology across the simulation spectrum. The image generator’s combination of advanced visuals and Epic Games’ adaptable gaming technology allows customers to easily adapt their training environments and implement new features as their missions and simulation training needs evolve.



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