EOS secures new R600 Remote Weapon System contract

Source: EOS

Electro Optic Systems Holdings (EOS) has secured a new contract valued at approximately AUD 28 million to supply R600 Remote Weapon System (RWS) unit spares to a customer in South East Asia.


The R600, renowned for its dual weapon configuration, offers operational flexibility and a range of weapon options to suit diverse mission requirements. Originally developed for a South East Asian customer, the R600 RWS has been subject to continuous innovation and development.

The RWS features EOS’ advanced pointing and tracking technology, significantly enhancing first-round hit probability. This sophisticated ballistic solution accounts for a comprehensive range of variables including weapons, ammunition, range, atmospheric environment, vehicle attitude, and target motion.


Defence Industry Europe mobile V2


Deliveries under the contract are scheduled to commence in late 2024 and continue into 2025 and 2026.

This sale aligns with EOS’ strategic initiatives to broaden its product and customer base, as well as its manufacturing capabilities. The products under this contract will primarily be manufactured in EOS facilities in the United States.

Dr Andreas Schwer, Chief Executive Officer for EOS, said, “EOS is proud of this achievement, which not only strengthens its presence in the South East Asian defence sector but also reinforces its position as a leading innovator in the global defence industry.”



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