GCS adds further capacity to its newly acquired jamming business

Source: Global Clearance Solutions (GCS)

Global Clearance Solutions AG (GCS) announced that it has completed additional acquisitions. Recently purchased company Symlab GmbH secures the jamming division of Comlab AG, while GCS buys Comlab subsidiary Symmetra.

Following the acquisition of jamming specialist Symlab a fortnight ago, GCS is strengthening its strategic drive. GCS company Symlab is taking over Comlab’s jamming division, while GCS secures Comlab’s Polish subsidiary Symmetra, which specialises in software, programming and the production of hardware.

Philipp von Michaelis, CEO and co-founder of GCS, emphasises the importance of supporting the organic growth of GCS as well as accelerating capacity building: “Based on our long-standing partnership with Comlab, it was a logical next step to acquire the corresponding assets of Comlab AG in order to benefit from their products’ popularity and quality.”



Daniel Pelizzoni, CEO of Comlab, agrees, adding that both Comlab and GCS/Symlab provide overarching, innovative solutions: “Comlab specialises in high-frequency technology: within this field of expertise, we find optimal, comprehensive solutions for every conceivable task. We are pleased that GCS will foster our jamming solutions and are proud to contribute to the success of GCS’ core business: creating safe environments.”

Georg Stirnimann, Symlab CEO welcomes the boost for his jamming business within the new GCS/Symlab structure. “Building on the long track record and experience of Comlab in this complex market, we now offer clients an augmented portfolio of jamming products and solutions to protect individuals and infrastructure.”




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