Lithuania hands over drone jamming systems, power generators to Ukraine

By Defence Industry Europe

Lithuania continues its support for Ukraine by delivering more military equipment, including drone jamming equipment, power generators, and folding field beds, to bolster the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Lithuanian Minister of National Defence Laurynas Kasčiūnas emphasized the critical role of such support in Ukraine’s fight for freedom. “Lithuania’s assistance to Ukraine is sustained and continuous. We are committed to continually escalating our support. The weaponry and equipment supplied by Lithuania and our Allies are vital in the Ukrainian struggle for freedom,” Kasčiūnas stated.




Throughout the year, Lithuania has significantly increased its military support, sending 155mm ammunition, M577 armored personnel carriers, drone-jamming systems, winter gear, and tens of thousands of sets of warm clothing to Ukraine. Additional supplies include thousands of rounds for Carl Gustaf anti-tank recoilless rifles and RISE-1 remote initiation system sets.



To date, Lithuania’s military aid to Ukraine totals approximately one billion euros, with around EUR 610 million already allocated. This year alone, Lithuania has contributed approximately EUR 84 million worth of assistance. This support is part of a long-term commitment to aiding Ukraine, with aims to maintain or increase the current level of support moving forward.




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