Morocco purchases 200 Cobra II armoured vehicles from Otokar

By Defence Industry Europe

The Royal Armed Forces of Morocco has expanded its military capabilities by ordering 200 Cobra II armoured vehicles from Otokar, a leading Turkish defence manufacturer.


Otokar announced the order, valued at approximately USD 136 million, on December 14, 2023. The contract includes not only the vehicles but also a comprehensive package of spare parts, maintenance tools, and training services. Deliveries are scheduled to commence by the end of 2024 and will continue in stages throughout the next year.


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The Cobra II, first introduced by Otokar in 1997, is a highly adaptable armoured vehicle, initially crafted for the Turkish military. It functions in various roles, including as an armored personnel carrier, anti-tank unit, reconnaissance vehicle, ground surveillance, forward observation post, and even as an armored ambulance.


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Equipped to be customized with a range of armaments and turret systems, the Cobra II can be fitted with 12.7mm machine guns, 20mm cannons, and anti-tank missiles. One of its notable features is the V-shaped steel hull, designed for exceptional protection against a variety of threats such as mines (anti-personnel and anti-tank), improvised explosive devices, artillery shrapnel, and long-range arms.



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