NCI Agency supports NATO exercise to improve antisubmarine warfare capability

Source: NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency)

This week marked the end of Exercise Dynamic Manta 2024, a NATO-led live exercise aiming to enhance and strengthen NATO's overall anti-submarine warfare.


Exercise Dynamic Manta prepares NATO submarine crews to respond and adapt to any type of threat that can arise below the surface. It is the largest and most complex submarine exercise that takes place in the Mediterranean Sea which trains, demonstrates and refines NATO capabilities in anti-submarine warfare.



This year’s exercise saw the participation of nine Allied Navy units, as well as NATO’s Allied Maritime Command, NATO Submarine Command and the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency). Each participating unit conducted a variety of submarine warfare operations, including hunting and being hunted by submarines, in order to improve interoperability and proficiency in the area.



The NCI Agency supported the exercise by providing critical secure communication and information systems infrastructures. The CIS Support Units (CSU) of Sigonella and Northwood played an integral role in the successful execution of the exercise. CSU Sigonella was on hand as the local CIS provider at the Sigonella Air Station in Sicily, Italy, while CSU Northwood provided the support and infrastructure for MARCOM’s exercise network, which enabled effective communications throughout the exercise. CSU Northwood transported, installed and verified operational status of the necessary hardware equipment.



“CSU Sigonella has successfully supported Exercise Dynamic Manta for six years in a row. It is always a rewarding experience to see how our staff provide professional contributions and remain agile in their approach to supporting this exercise,” said CSU Sigonella Commander, Navy Captain Daniel Badircu. “Dynamic Manta provides an opportunity to showcase the competence and effectiveness of CSU Sigonella, and highlight how essential our work is within NATO.”



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