Patria, United Aero Group to jointly offer UH-60 Black Hawks on European market

Source: Patria

Patria and United Aero Group (UAG) have entered into initial cooperation aimed at building a programme to acquire pre-owned Black Hawk helicopters from US Army and to perform refurbishment programmes and upgrades including mission kit installations. The programme is set to start in 2024. After undergoing the modernisation these Black Hawks will be capable of taking on a wider range of missions with increased efficiency and capabilities. 


The programme provides customers cost-effectiveness, short delivery times and customisation to various military and law enforcement aviation needs to utility operations and medevac and also capability to fulfil demanding SAR (search and rescue missions) and firefighting missions. Additionally, Patria offers local sustainment support for coming years through Patria OPTIME modular sustainment solution.



“We are pleased to announce our first steps aimed at building a joint programme between Patria and UAG, trusted partners in the aviation industry. With this collaboration we can deliver and maintain proven, refurbished and upgraded Black Hawk helicopters across Europe. By combining our expertise and resources, we aim to provide unmatched support, ensuring the optimal performance and readiness of these critical assets for our defence industry customers all over Europe, including new operators transitioning from older eastern platforms to modern western ones,” says Hugo Vanbockryck, Senior Vice President of Market Area Europe at Patria.

“United Aero Group is very happy to start our cooperation with Patria for providing modernised Black Hawk Aircraft into Europe. We are looking forward to partnering with Patria for Aircraft Deliveries and follow on support throughout the region,” says John Plume, Director of Program Management at United Aero Group



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