Russian forces target Ukrainian IRIS-T SLM air defence system [VIDEO]

By Defence Industry Europe

The Russian Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has reported a successful strike on a Ukrainian IRIS-T SLM air defence system, including a radar and launcher. The attack, carried out by Russian tactical aviation supported by artillery, targeted the system supplied by Germany, which has been key in defending Ukrainian skies.


The video released by the Russian Ministry of Defence showcases the precision strike on the Ukrainian radar and missile launcher, located near a forest edge—a tactic presumably intended to camouflage the equipment. This incident underscores the ongoing challenges faced by Ukrainian forces as they face sophisticated Russian aerial and artillery attacks.



The IRIS-T SLM system, designed and manufactured by Germany’s Diehl Defense, is integral to Ukraine’s defense strategy. It is engineered to defend against aircraft, helicopters, maneuvering missiles, and guided weapons, offering 360-degree protection with the ability to engage multiple targets simultaneously. The system’s adaptability is further highlighted by its deployment in both stationary and mobile configurations, mounted on vehicles such as the MAN SX45 8×8 truck.


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To date, Germany has supplied Ukraine with 12 IRIS-T SLM air defence batteries and an additional 22 IRIS-T SLS launchers.




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