Is the “nuclear option” in Ukraine possible?

By Arie Egozi

The prolonged war in Ukraine, the Wagner Group mutiny, and other signs create serious concerns about a possible Russian move to end the war, which has caused significant losses in lives and assets for Russia. The European countries, purchasing an unprecedented number of mainly defencive weapon systems, are considering all possible options that the Kremlin may choose.

Israeli intelligence sources, in close contact with their counterparts in NATO, say that treaty members are taking into account a “desperate act” by Putin. To support these fears, the Israeli sources pointed to an interview in Russia Today. The interviewee is Russian intellectual Prof. Sergey Karaganov, head of the Russia-based Council for Foreign and Defence Policy.

According to a report on the website of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), the professor stated on June 24 that using nuclear weapons to halt NATO’s aggressive expansion in Europe would present a difficult moral choice for Russia. However, he argued that it would ultimately save humanity by preventing the outbreak of a nuclear world war. The professor also suggested that America’s historical nuclear strategy implies that the U.S. would not risk retaliating against Russia if it were to use nuclear weapons against European countries. He emphasized the need to punish the West for using the “brotherly” Ukrainian people as cannon fodder in its campaign against Russia.


“The decision to use nuclear weapons is a terrible moral challenge, a terrible moral decision. Morally, it will hurt us, or whoever chooses to use them, but sometimes you have to choose. The famous Dostoevsky dictum – will you sacrifice the child to save humanity… It’s a philosophically terrible choice, but I have decided to become unpopular by choosing to save humanity.

For many years, we have been wrong by not stopping NATO expansion, as it has led to war. I have been saying this for 25 years, and so have others. If it does not stop, it will lead to war. Now I am saying that if Western defencive expansionism and aggression are not halted, it will lead to World War III. I was right in my first prediction, as well as many others, and I hope my voice, however weak it is, will help us all avoid a nuclear war in Europe, where a significant war is already underway, and even worse, World War III – a nuclear conflict that would end humanity and leave behind radioactive ruins. That is a real possibility.”

The European shopping spree continues, and Israeli defence companies are securing contracts for systems that were not initially on the shopping list of any NATO members.



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