PESCO: France and Netherlands to develop new counter-battery sensors

By Defence Industry Europe

Under one of the 11 new PESCO projects adopted on May 23, France and Netherlands will commence work to develop the next generation of counter-battery sensors. The joint project, named "Counter Battery Sensors" (CoBaS), is spearheaded by France.

The European Defence Agency (EDA) states that the CoBaS project aims to establish a common concept for a future counter-battery capability among EU armed forces. It also aims to facilitate joint procurement of counter-artillery equipment. The new counter-battery capability to be developed under CoBaS will be based on a variety of sensors.

“In today’s warfare, artillery capabilities have regained primary importance, with extensive use on the battlefield. In this context, the project will enhance the participating Member States’ ability to effectively address future trends in high-intensity conflicts,” stated the EDA in a press release.

CoBaS aims to deliver cutting-edge capabilities, leveraging emerging technologies and adapting to new threats associated with advanced artillery systems expected to be developed between 2030 and 2035.



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