German Naval Yards to build the second Integrated Marine Rescue Centre (iMERZ) for the German Navy

Source: German Naval Yards

German Naval Yards receives the order for the engineering and construction of the Intergrated Marine Rescue Center (iMERZ) for the combat support ship (EGV) Berlin.

The contract signing took place on 30 March 2023 at the Federal Ministry of Defence in Berlin. Mrs. Lehnigk-Emden, the new President of the BAAINBw and Rino Brugge, CEO of German Naval Yards, jointly signed the contract for the “i-MERZ EGV BER” project.

“We are extremely pleased to make another important contribution to the operational readiness of the German Navy. This is yet another demonstration of our capabilities. This contract underlines the trust placed in us by the public sector and is a cornerstone for us as a growing naval shipyard to ensure a steady workload until the end of 2028,” says Rino Brugge, CEO of German Naval Yards.

Last year, German Naval Yards also installed the iMERZ I on the sister ship EGV Frankfurt am Main. Like the iMERZ I, the iMERZ II will be integrated as a permanent deckhouse into the EGV. With a length of 174m and a displacement of 20,200t, the three supply vessels of the supply ships of the 702 class (also known as the Berlin class) are the largest seagoing units of the German Navy. Compared to the original container-based concept, the fully integrated solution optimizes medical supply processes and provides improved connectivity to the ship. With an infirmary, two operating theatres, an X-ray room, a dental department, various laboratories and state-of-the-art medical technology, iMERZ I and II provide the German Navy with two fully-fledged and comprehensive hospitals at sea. The iMERZ enables comprehensive accident surgery and intensive medical first aid for our soldiers at sea – anywhere, anytime and to full extent. In addition, the German Navy will be able to provide valuable support in humanitarian aid missions, such as after the tsunami disaster in Southeast Asia in 2005, and to provide medical care where it is urgently needed.



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