Lithuania: preparations for stationing the German brigade gather pace

Source: Lithuanian Ministry of Defence

Preparatory work for hosting the German brigade in Lithuania is accelerating driving forward the Lithuanian-German defence cooperation.


“The German brigade stationing outline will be agreed to in December later this year and will cover civilian and military infrastructure. Cooperation among public institutions, including municipalities and the private sector, will be central for its implementation,” says Lithuanian Minister of National Defence Arvydas Anušauskas.

The agreement between the Governments will be signed and tabled for approval to the Lithuanian Parliament in the second semester of next year. The document will consolidate the legal status of the German military personnel, their families, as well as stipulate for medical services, establishment of German education institutions, employment and other services.


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The German combat brigade deploying to Lithuania is a well-equipped unit ready to fight from day one. Its manpower will deploy to Lithuania in stages, the first troops are set to come as soon as 2024, while 2027 will see the brigade in Lithuania in full capacity. It will be stationed across two main sites in Vilnius and Kaunas with some of the logistical elements in other locations of Lithuania as well.

According to the Lithuanian Minister of National Defence, one of the key tasks in hosting the German brigade is to ensure proper civilian infrastructure and services for the military families arriving alongside the deployed servicemembers. Another commitment is to improve communication: roads, railway, aviation will play an important role not just to German servicemembers deployed in Lithuania but also to the Lithuanian business and residents.



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